So everyone has heard the news that Youtube will be changing their terms of service. Recently released a statement to all content creators that has us all just a little worried.

“YouTube is under no obligation to host or serve content,” the company said in its new terms of service. The new terms also state that the company can “terminate” users’ “access” to their accounts if YouTube determines at “its sole discretion” that an account “is no longer commercially viable.”

The changes to Youtube’s terms of service indicate they can delete your account at any moment if they feel your account is not “commercially viable.” This notification has Youtubers nervous. No one knows what “Commercially viable” means as far as Youtube is concerned. Most people fee this is a way to censor Youtubers and keep the mainstream media at the top of its pages as Youtube has become a way to earn money over the past few years. If I were a person that depended on Youtube for income, I would be nervous too.

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