#AOC #conspiracytheories

Facebook has been under attack by liberals such as AOC, to stop people from running so-called negative political ads. AOC and others like her are using Russias interference with the 2016 election to justify censorship on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has been at the center of attention as liberals have tried to pressure him into censoring Facebook ads. The truth is, Facebook is already too censored as it is. What people fail to realize is there is a war for the minds of the people. Mainstream media has seen the impact that independent media is having on the world. MSM is doing it’s best to try and stop the

Even though I am not in favor of racist rhetoric posted on social media, I would instead put up with racist Facebook posts than to lose my freedom of speech. That being said, harassment on social media should not be tolerated, but users have the option to block people that are in violation.

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