Of all of the things discussed in the presidential debate, the only thing mainstream media is talking about is Trump not condemning white nationalists. When asked by “Chris Wallace,” if he would denounce white supremacists, Trump got annoyed and decided to address the “Proud Boys” in a very sarcastic way, telling them to stand back and stand by. We all knew that would be the main talking point by these liberal hacks the next morning.

Trump has denounced the KKK and White Nationalism several times, but no matter how many times he does it, he is still vilified and labeled a racist. There is no mention of President Trump’s platinum plan for African Americans in mainstream media, only the continuous line of “Orange Man Bad.”

The Democrats are not the only group to blame, though; as an African American man, but I am also disappointed in black people as a whole. After four years of fake news media being exposed and Trump putting together a plan that helps African Americans in the areas where we need help the most, many African Americans are so brainwashed and so indoctrinated into leftwing-communism that they don’t even realize that the libs are just using them to push their fascist agenda. Yes, my fellow African-Americans, you have been duped. BLM is nothing more than a Marxist front for the destruction of America. You are unknowingly supporting an organization that Has been designed to bring your own communities down.

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