Democrats continue to lose their minds over Trump’s COVID 19 experience. First, they were celebrating and laughing at the President when he broke the news that he had tested positive for COVID. Many of them were openly wishing death on him. But that would all change just two days later when the President released a video from Walter Reed hospital informing Americans that he was feeling better.

Now the gleefulness has faded away from the Democrats, and they are pissed off at the idea that he dared to survive COVID.

On Monday, President Trump dramatically returned to the White House classic Trump-like fashion triggering liberals everywhere. Trump takes off his mask as he salutes Marine one, and Twitter exploded with liberals going bananas because he dared to take off his mask even though he was alone with no one in danger of contracting the disease.
On Monday, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo who has hypocritically criticized Trump for being overly dramatic, went off on a tirade.

“There he is, hair blown majestically. Reshooting the scene for his own ad,” he raged of the president. “What a bunch of bulls–t,” Cuomo said.

Chris Cuomo is now himself being called out on social media as Trump supporters remind him of his dramatic comeback from quarantine where he pretended not to have been outside for two weeks even though he had been in dispute with a biker and actual police records validate the confrontation.

The thing that is frustrating the most to conservatives and free-thinking independents is that liberals only use fear of COVID when it is convenient for them. COVID is no longer just a virus released on the world from China; it is a political tool used by the left to force their socialist/communist agenda. If Biden becomes our next President, I’m afraid we will see communist ideals pushed in this country to the likes we have never seen before.

So I ask, what is the real reason the left hates President Trump so much?
The answer is simple, freedom.
When President Trump removed the mask from his face, liberals went ape sh-t because that was the ultimate sign of freedom.

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