There is a video that a lot of people did not see but you really need to watch it because it is essential. In the video, AOC says, ” You will not be going back to brunch.” In other words, Democrats have no intent on reopening the country. AOC pretty much stated what I’ve always suspected. The Democrats have no intentions ever to help the country go back to normal.

During the Presidential debate, President Trump confronted Joe Biden, asking if he will lock down the country. Biden refused to answer because he knows another lockdown would crush the economy.

You might ask the question well, what does it matter if AOC says we are not going back to normal; after all, she will not be the President. However, Biden is not mentally fit to be President. A vote for Biden is really a vote for AOC and the squad. Kamala Harris received no support from her party in her Presidential bid, and even worse; she could not even get the help of the Black community. To think someone like Harris with a horrible track record will now be the Vice President with Joe Biden not being in the best condition is scary. Even more frightening is the impact that AOC and the squad have on the Democratic party. This is truly a nightmare come true.

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