In a sudden twist, a leader at the WHO has made a statement that may vindicate President Trump. After reports came out last week sighting over 6,000 scientists have signed a petition to end lockdowns, a new bomb has dropped as Dr. Neil Nabarro and the WHO’s special envoy appeals to world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the primary method to control the coronavirus spread.


After searching the web, I have noticed that I don’t see any press concerning this astonishing revelation in any left-leaning publications. Of course, this is an election year, and Democrats are going to try and use the pandemic for votes and get as much as they possibly can from it. I believe it was Rham Emmanuel who once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

I don’t expect Democrats to ever mention the WHO’s special envoy urging world leaders to stop using lockdowns to fight COVID. What I do expect, however, is for liberals to act as if President Trump failed to react to the coronavirus pandemic. Then liberals will stop worrying about the coronavirus as a whole as soon as the election is over.

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