All across the country, there has been a slew of ballots found in trash bins. This is a problem that President Trump has predicted, and now it has come to fruition.

“The WASHINGTON EXAMINER” reports, “Osvaldo Jimenez” of California found ballots in a trash can on Thursday, October 8th.

“I opened the trash can, and I see a lot of envelopes and ballots, especially ballot envelopes in the trash can, and I knew right away that was not normal,” said Osvaldo Jimenez.

California is not alone with this issue as there have been several trashed ballots discovered all over the country. In New Jersey, Nicholas Beauchene, a 26-year-old postal worker, faces federal charges after nearly 2,000 pieces of mail were found in dumpsters. Among the mail was 99 ballots.

With all things considered, it easy for anyone to understand why President Trump has encouraged his supporters to vote in person. But President Trump has taken it a step further, asking for an army of poll watchers to make sure there is no funny business at the polls.

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