While so many people are all too thrilled about getting President Trump out of the White House, but things may not go as smoothly with Biden as many people may think. Despite your hatred for Trump, he may just be the bad guy that you need in the White House.

Just imagine, Joe Biden, President, elect; okay and then what?

Biden will be taking over as commander and chief in the middle of a “GLOBAL PANDEMIC.” I capitalized global to point out that this is a virus that affects the whole world. Biden will not have the usual time of transitioning power the way most in-coming Presidents have. Biden has to hit the ground running. At his age and mental decline, he is utterly incapable of handling such a task.

The big mistake that Democrats made was blaming the COVID 19 pandemic on President Trump because now the citizens of the United States are looking to the President to stop the unstoppable. Sure, it was an excellent political strategy as Democrats somehow convinced millions of ignorant Americans that a virus manifested in China and spread throughout the whole world is somehow Trump’s fault. But what happens when Trump is no longer in office? Who do you blame then? What solutions, other than another lockdown, will Biden have to offer?

The truth is there is no solution because it wasn’t Trump’s fault, but liberals don’t want to admit it. Of course, they can’t admit it now; it’s an election year. But after the election, it will no longer be about Trump, and all eyes will be on Joe Biden. Can he handle the pressure? I don’t think so.

Let’s not forget the Republicans are going to want revenge for everything that President Trump went through. The Russia investigation, Impeachment labeling him a racist, etc…

Don’t look for Republicans to show sleepy Joe any mercy over the next four years. Any little hiccup or mistake is going to be put on full blast.

Quiet as kept, one of Biden’s most significant issues that he will face as President is one that will come from his own party. In case you haven’t noticed, the Democratic party is full of socialists and, dare I say, communists. Biden has been known as a moderate Democrat his whole career. But his party affiliates have some radical ideas. Affiliates such as AOC, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, along with the Bernie Bros, Rashida Talib, and others. Their policies do not sit well with the average American, nor do they hold true to American traditions. Biden may have more problems with these radical liberals than conservatives.

Let’s not forget about Antifa. While you were busy watching CNN and MSNBC as they continued to call the George Floyd protests peaceful, Antifa made good on causing as much chaos as they possibly could. Riots became a nightly thing as Democrats turned their heads, pretending the violence wasn’t happening all the while advocating the defunding of police departments all across the country.
The riots got so bad in Chicago and Minnesota; Black men had to take up arms to defend themselves against Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

In case you think Antifa will go away just because Trump is out of office, think again. Antifa’s aim is not to get rid of Trump, but it is to destroy and rebuild. Antifa could care less about who the President is. They no political affiliation. By Democrats turning a blind eye to them, it only makes them more dangerous.

Democrats criticized Trump for sending in federal agents to stop the violent terrorist attacks by BLM and Antifa, labeling Trump a racist who wants only to break up peaceful protests. I wonder what is Biden going to do when Antifa decides to have another uprising, or there is another incident with a police officer Black man and BLM decides to protest/riot?
Will Biden turn a blind eye and allow them to destroy cities all across the country, or will he do what President Trump did and send the federal agents?

I think you may be getting the point now. Yes, I know Donald Trump is the bad guy. Trust me; I get it. But in time, we may just find out Trump may have been the bad guy that we needed.

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