CNN’S Wolf Blitzer interviewed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, which turned out to be quite a spectacle. Pelosi probably thought she would get her usual left-wing nut hugging interview filled with softball questions that would allow her to come across as a respectable lady instead of looking like the despicable human being that she is.

“People are being evicted from their homes; many Americans are waiting in food lines for the first time in their lives. Can you look them in their eyes, madam speaker, and explain why you don’t want to accept the President’s offer?” Blitzer said.

Pelosi deflected, stating that Blitzer should ask the Republicans the same thing. Pelosi would then claim that the needs of the American people are not addressed in the President’s proposal.

Blitzer continued to stress how badly the people need the money, and even members of Pelosi’s own caucus want to accept Trump’s $1.8 Trillion offer. Blitzer named Ro Khanna as one of the individuals that want to accept Trump’s stimulus offer.

Pelosi would go on to accuse Blitzer and CNN as being apologists for the Republicans. Pelosi stressed that she did not want to accept the stimulus package because Trump’s name would be on the check.

Pelosi tried to change the subject of the conversation and stress the importance of dealing with the coronavirus. Blitzer brought the conversation back around to the people in need of the stimulus.

Pelosi became visually angry and seemed almost insulted that a reporter would actually ask her a question that didn’t fit her narrative. She received a lot of backlash on social media, though some agreed with her, it is evident that Pelosi is more concerned with beating Trump than she is about the people in need. Her hate for Trump is more important to her than the well being of millions of Americans.

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