The political games continue as Nasty Nancy Pelosi flipflops on mail-in voting. After months of encouraging mail-in ballots, Nasty Nancy now tells voters not to depend on the postal service and urges people to vote in person.

“I hope that people will not depend on the mail because they have done all they can to dismantle the postal system,” Pelosi told a news conference Thursday, without elaborating. “I salute our postal workers and letter carriers and those who are making the best of the situation, but even the Postal Service is saying it’s too late now to mail a first-class piece of mail,” Pelosi said.

So basically, everything that Trump has said from the beginning, she is now saying. The easiest way to manipulate the 2020 election would be by way of mail-in ballots. It’s what Trump said for months, and the Democrats ignored him. Now the leader of the party wants to promote in-person voting with just days to go before election day.

The postal service warned there might be issues with mail-in ballots, which backed up Trump’s argument. Now Pelosi is saying the exact same thing as if it had not already been stated before by Republicans.

“Even the Postal Service is saying it’s too late now to mail a first-class piece of mail, to take more than five or six days to reach its destination, it just speaks for itself,”
Pelosi said.

Of course, Pelosi will never admit that Trump was right about mail-in voting being a nightmare scenario and how it could potentially lower the chances of being able to maintain the integrity of the Presidential election. But it does highlight what may turn out to be the reason for a lot of turmoil and confusion on election day and the days after.

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