It has finally happened. The moment we have all feared since the day COVID hit the US. No vaccination, means no work.

Business Insider reports that employers are frantically calling labor lawyers to see if they can make covid vaccination mandatory in the workplace.


Even though most Americans do not trust that the COVID vaccine will be safe enough to inject into their bodies, many employers have caved in. At this point, people just want to go back to work, and employers only want to catch up and make for any losses accumulated during the pandemic. Vaccine safety is no longer a priority, especially now that Trump is no longer the President. When Trump first announced that he would expedite research for a COVID vaccine, liberals lost their damn minds and screamed to the high heavens that Trump was a mad man and vaccines have to go through several trials before being released publicly. But now that Sleepy Joe Biden is President-Elect, they suddenly flipped from saying it’s too soon to have a vaccine to maybe the vaccine should be mandatory.

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