Tom Cruises’ latest meltdown is just so timely. Cruise went off on his Mission Impossible 7 staff for not being socially distanced and not wearing their masks. Of course, you will have those that will feel he was justified for doing so. But what is it really all about tho? Is it about keeping people safe? The short answer is no! It’s about control. It’s about communist leftists being in a position of power and becoming little dictators.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that late-night talk show hosts have responded to Cruises rant by poking fun at him but have sided with his COVID protocols.

Well, of course, they make fun of him for the unnecessary rage that he imposed on his staff, but they made sure to remind you that you need to be good little slaves and do whatever the covid authoritarians tell you to do.

Cruise is exactly what’s wrong with America. He is an elitist dictator that embodies the covid Nazis that feel they have the authority over everyone. Cruises rant is nothing but a glimpse of the future. You will now see this same attitude displayed by ordinary everyday folks that feel empowered by the COVID protocols they can enforce on neighbors.

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