Isn’t it just convenient and right on time that as soon the COVID vaccine is rolled out, now there is a new strain that we have to deal with? It almost seems a little too convenient because, as you should know by now, most people do not want to take the vaccine. When I sift through the Internet to get a feel for how people feel about the vaccine, I see mostly negative comments. It seems most people do not trust the government, nor do they trust these drug companies such as Pfizer.

This new strain is reportedly making its way through Britain, causing new and more strenuous lockdown measures to be enforced. Conspiracy aside, even the most disconnected, uniformed individuals have to know that this is getting ridiculous. The new normal, as they call it, is getting old and is growing tiresome for people all over the world. It is almost as if the so-called powers that be are trying to see just how much abuse will every day people put up with.

I do believe we are coming to a breaking point. I cannot see this continuing without resistance. At the beginning of the pandemic, people thought we might be locked down for a few months, but I knew what the goals of the so-called elites were. We will never go back to normal; we live in the new normal; the great reset is now.

Britains new strain of COVID only demonstrates that every time the people think they are close to going back to normal, there will always be a new strain or a new disease that will keep you locked down, and only the elites can determine who is and is not essential.

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