Unbelievable! CNN actually reported this, and I am in shock. Howard University’s hospital employees are hesitant to take the wu-flu vaccine. According to CNN, The CEO of Howard University Hospital, Anita Jenkins, had to step up to the plate and take the vaccine first just to convince her staff the vaccine us safe.

I said, ‘I will gladly take it first,'” Jenkins told CNN. FULL ARTICLE:

A survey taken in November showed 70% of the staff were not willing to take the vaccine. CNN’s article then points out that even the leadership was hesitant to take the vaccine.

MORROW’S TAKE: This article only confirms what I have stated repeatedly; mainstream media is trying to make taking the vaccine popular and hip, especially amongst the African-American & Hispanic communities, but their propaganda is not working. Thus, they have gone to such extremes to convince African-Americans that not only is the vaccine safe, but it is “the cool thing to do.” It almost seems as if the elites believe that African-Americans all think alike (insert wink).

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