FOX NEWS reports, Isaac Daniel, the CEO of “World Health Access” and founder of “Vax Passbook,” has a strategy to make sure that everyone has proof of vaccination. The Vax Passbook will be used as a passport with a stamp inside to scan.

During his interview with FOX NEWS, Isaac Daniel’s main focus was protecting the security of each individual’s personal information as well as stressing how badly people want to return to normal.


In my opinion, Isaac Daniel may have good intentions; I am not sure what his true intentions are, but Isaac Daniel is only furthering the agenda of the elites. He has an idea that, on the surface, may seem to be innocent, but it is a prelude for what we know will eventually be the RFID microchip.

Despite what mainstream media tells you, the vaccine itself is not popular amongst the majority of Americans.
Skeptics rightfully point out that the vaccine has been released too soon, and the lack of information concerning the ingredients inside of the vaccine has made even some pro-vaxers hesitant to take it.

I cannot stress enough that I have yet to determine if Isaac Daniel is just innocently presenting this product as a way to fast track a return to normal. Maybe Isaac Daniel is just a pawn or a useful idiot, or perhaps he has been in the know, and this has been his role to play along. Either way, there too much information that has been leaked out about the dangers of this vaccine, and I believe the majority will resist the mandate whenever it is rolled out

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