Here is a glimpse of the future…

In November of 2020, President Xi of China spoke to world leaders at the virtual G-20 summit where he promoted QR code for the entire world and suggested that countries needed to coordinate a uniform set of policies and standards in order to ensure the “smooth functioning” of the world’s economy.

“China has proposed a global mechanism on the mutual recognition of health certificates based on nucleic acid test results in the form of internationally accepted QR codes. We hope more countries will join this mechanism,” Xi said.


At one point and time, Americans would not think twice about what the president of China says or suggests. However, we are living in very different times. With Joe Biden set to become the 46th President of the United States, and with his apparent ties to China, we may be taking orders from President Xi, whether we realize it or not.

I believe the globalist will try to make the QR code mandatory for all forms of travel to help them track “we the little people.” This will pave the way for what will eventually be mandatory vaccination and the RFID microchip. It is just the beginning stages of the new American way of life.

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