Twitter’s co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, is making sure he rubs his nose in the deep states ass as much as he possibly can.

In a recording, Dorsey speaks on how Twitter will be looking at a specific account, which we now know was/is Trump’s account. He also made sure to mention lefties, favorite conspiracy group, “Qanon,” which has become the new boogeyman that the left has used to purge independent media.

Jack Dorsey is only doing what his handlers are telling him to do. Anyone who thinks Dorsey is acting alone is clueless and completely lost. But while the useful idiots that support social media’s attack on conservatives and independents, what they don’t know is that as soon as they are done purging the right, they will begin to purge the left. All of you lefty cheerleaders are nothing but pawns in a game that was mapped out and strategized a long time ago.

Already, I have heard some liberal content creators complaining that they are being censored or that they have had their content removed from certain platforms, not because they said anything offensive but because they weren’t quite liberal enough. And that’s the point. Cancel culture cancels all, even their own.

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