Occupy Wall Street 2.0 has officially become the new al-Qaeda, well, maybe not, but the NYPD’s response to occupy wall street 2.0 suggests that wall street bets Reddit users are hiding Bin Laden.

After protesters showed up in Bowling Green Park in NYC, the city sent the NYPD counter-terrorism unit to protect Wall Street from peaceful protesters.

Mint Press News reports a handful of protesters were seen in Bowling Green Park standing with the charging bull statue, holding up signs that said, “tax Wall Street trades.” Blue tape that read “hold the line” and WSB, triggered the counter terrorism response because the charging bull is essential.



The Stock Market has had an interesting week to say the least. We are happy to report that the Wall Street Charging Bull is secure and continues to preside over Bowling Green for the foreseeable future,”  – The NYPD said in an announcement.

Twitter users wasted no time in clowning the unnecessary response to the protection of the charging bull.



I think what people are missing is the fact that this is not about the statue. It is about the elites showing the use of force, flexing their military muscle. It is their way of putting the U.S working class on notice. Wall Street is essential and you are not. That what this whole shutdown of Robinhood trading is about. Only the elites are allowed to manipulate the market. The charging bull represents the power of wall street. The bull also symbolizes the system, but it is a system that only they are allowed to participate in. Anybody that dares to challenge that system will be met with military force. That is the message they are sending to the “so-called nobodies of the world.”

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