For those who do not understand why Liberals were/are so infatuated with Kamala Harris, it’s simple. She is multiracial and can represent any demographic that the left feels needs representation at the time.
Kamala Harris is whatever the Democratic party wants her to be.

After 2years of liberals constantly reminding us that Harris is a Black woman, NBC News has released a news report labeling Harris as Asian. Hmmm..?

During the 2020 presidential campaign, she was an African American and a proud one at that. It was all about Black Lives Matter, and the big nasty racist Donald Trump was the evil Nazi that caused the rise of white nationalism. Now that there is a supposed increase in attacks against Asian Americans, the liberal media has switched her identity to Asian, positioning Harris to be the spokesperson for the Asian American community.

Of course, one may argue that she is both black and Asian; however, the point is this, she can identify as whatever is convenient for the Democratic party. It’s no secret that liberals use race as a political weapon; some may say it is even their primary weapon of choice.

To be clear, I could care less about who Kamala Harris identifies herself to be. I’m just pointing out the obvious; if there is an African American crisis, she will be African American; if there is an Asian American crisis, she will be Asian American. I’m sure by the time the Biden administration is finished; she will have become everything to everyone.

Yes, playing identity politics is tacky, but you have to give the Democrats credit; nobody knows how to race bait better than they do.


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